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Bodyweight Workout for Beginners 20Minute at Home Routine Nerd Fitness from

Bodyweight Exercises for Home Workouts


In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to hit the gym can be challenging. However, staying fit and active is crucial for our overall well-being. One solution is to incorporate bodyweight exercises into our home workouts. These exercises require no equipment and can be done anywhere, making them perfect for those who prefer the convenience of exercising at home. In this article, we will explore various bodyweight exercises that you can incorporate into your home workout routine.


Push-ups are a classic exercise that targets the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. Start by getting into a plank position, with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor, then push back up to the starting position. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions. To make push-ups easier, you can perform them on your knees or against a wall.


Squats are a fantastic exercise for building lower body strength. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body as if sitting back onto an imaginary chair, keeping your heels on the ground and your chest lifted. Once your thighs are parallel to the ground, push through your heels to return to the starting position. You can make squats more challenging by adding a jump at the end or holding weights in your hands.


The plank is a great exercise for strengthening your core muscles, including your abs, back, and glutes. Start by getting into a push-up position, then lower yourself onto your forearms. Keep your body in a straight line from head to toe, engaging your core muscles. Hold this position for as long as you can, aiming to increase your time gradually. To make the plank easier, you can perform it with your knees on the ground.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are an excellent cardio exercise that also targets your core and upper body. Begin in a push-up position, then bring one knee towards your chest, alternating between legs in a running motion. Keep your core engaged and your hips stable throughout the movement. Increase the speed for a more intense workout. You can modify mountain climbers by performing them with your hands elevated on a bench or step.


Lunges are a great exercise for strengthening your legs, glutes, and core. Begin by standing tall with your feet hip-width apart. Take a step forward with one leg, lowering your body until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Push through your front heel to return to the starting position, then repeat on the other leg. You can make lunges more challenging by adding weights or performing them as walking lunges.


Bodyweight exercises provide a convenient and effective way to stay fit and active from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, these exercises can be modified to suit your fitness level. Remember to warm up before each workout and listen to your body. By incorporating bodyweight exercises into your home workouts, you can achieve your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.