Shoulder season travel can save money Trudy Traveler in 2020 Travel
Shoulder season travel can save money Trudy Traveler in 2020 Travel from


Traveling during shoulder seasons, which are the periods between the peak and off-peak seasons, can be a great way to explore new destinations while avoiding the crowds and high prices. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of traveling during shoulder seasons and provide some tips to make the most out of your trip.

The Advantages of Shoulder Seasons

Less Crowds

One of the biggest advantages of traveling during shoulder seasons is the reduced number of tourists. You can enjoy popular attractions without long queues or overcrowded spaces. This allows you to have a more relaxed and intimate experience, immersing yourself in the local culture.

Lower Prices

Another significant benefit is the lower prices for accommodations, flights, and tourist activities. During shoulder seasons, hotels and airlines often offer discounts to attract travelers. You can save a substantial amount of money and still enjoy high-quality services and facilities.

Milder Weather

Shoulder seasons often have more pleasant weather conditions compared to the extreme temperatures of peak seasons. You can enjoy outdoor activities comfortably, avoiding the scorching heat or freezing cold. This is especially advantageous for destinations with tropical or Mediterranean climates.

Tips for Traveling during Shoulder Seasons

Research and Plan Ahead

Before embarking on your trip, research the shoulder season of your desired destination. Find out the specific months when the crowds are lesser, and the prices are lower. Plan your itinerary accordingly to make the most of your visit during this period.

Be Flexible with Dates

Being flexible with your travel dates can help you find the best deals. Look for flights and accommodations with flexible booking options, allowing you to adjust your travel plans to secure the most affordable rates.

Explore Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations

During shoulder seasons, consider exploring lesser-known destinations that may not be as crowded during peak seasons. This allows you to discover hidden gems and have a more authentic travel experience.

Take Advantage of Local Festivals

Shoulder seasons often coincide with local festivals and events. Research if there are any festivals happening during your visit and plan your trip around them. This way, you can immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions.

Pack Accordingly

As shoulder seasons have milder weather, pack a variety of clothing options to accommodate changing temperatures. Layering is key to adapt to different weather conditions throughout the day.

Be Mindful of Business Hours

During shoulder seasons, some tourist attractions, restaurants, or shops may have limited operating hours. Make sure to check their schedules in advance to avoid any disappointments or inconveniences.

Engage with Locals

With fewer tourists around, shoulder seasons offer an excellent opportunity to interact with locals. Engage in conversations, ask for recommendations, and learn about the local culture from a firsthand perspective.

Stay Updated on Travel Advisories

Before traveling, check for any travel advisories or restrictions for your destination. Stay updated on the latest information regarding COVID-19 protocols, entry requirements, and safety guidelines to ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip.


Traveling during shoulder seasons allows you to experience the best of both worlds – avoiding the crowds and high prices while still enjoying favorable weather conditions. By planning ahead and being flexible, you can make the most out of your trip and create unforgettable memories in your chosen destination.